• Highlights

  • Highlights using foil is a coloring technique to isolate sections, preventing different color formulas from mixing together. We use the foil system for our color processing and use professional product lines. Our color processing is for all hair types/textures and range from rich brunettes to golden blonde hues.Using foils is an incredibly versatile method, allowing for unlimited creativity!

  • Highlights

    Accent Piece only$35+
    Partial Highlights above Chin$65+
    Partial Highlights below Chin$70+
    Full Highlights above Chin$75+
    Full Highlights below Chin$90+
    Partial Highlights & Color above Chin$110+
    Partial Highlights & Color below Chin$125+
    Full Highlights & Color above Chin$120+
    Full Highlights & Color below Chin$135+
    Prices do not include Balayage or Ombre Cost determined at consultation

  • Balayage Highlighting Technique

    What is Balayage? it is the latest trend that everyone wants, but what is it?    Balayage highlighting technique is not a specific color or look, but rather the actual technique that stylists use to apply highlights. The name means “paint” or “sweep” in French.  Hence, it is a technique of hair coloring that is done entirely freehand in a sweeping motion, without foil. When applying the color for a Balayage, we sweep the color through small triangle sections of the hair onto a board or foil, giving it the natural transition down into the lighter color.

    In Balayage, there are dark pieces left on the bottom to create dimension and a more natural look. This technique looks like natural sun-kissed highlights throughout the hair. The transition is more natural and it is less maintenance than an ombre.

  • Ombre Hair Coloring

    I am asked so many times, "what is this Ombre color I see on celebrities?"  Ombre means color shading.  It is the transition of a lighter shade from a darker shade. Generally, ombres work best on brunettes because it is the least subtle of all the techniques, a sombre is what we would see on blondes. That technique is more subtle, hence the word sombre.

    Ombre is great for the more daring girl, it is definitely more noticeable and typically more maintenance. Ombre is kind of like color blocking, there are no dark pieces left on the bottom to help keep it natural, just a nice transition between the colors. While the ombre is a beautiful look, it is also something that needs to be done right!  Talk with us. 

  • An Ombre look has darker tones at the roots and gradually gets lighter towards the ends. It is usually done with colors that naturally complement each other.  Technically ,Ombre hair is done using a balayage technique, which is less harmful to your hair given the fact that color is only applied locally towards the ends rather than all over your scalp. 

    Of course, Ombre can be subtle or dramatic.  Your choice.

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